Support from government  

On Apr.25, 2010, the Secretary of Haining Municipal Committee, Mr. Shen Linong paid a visit to the construction site of Wankai project to understand the progress.

On May 7, 2010, the officers and government leaders (more than 50 persons) from Xiaoshan District Hangzhou, including the sectors of state & local taxation bureau, banks, and other 17 major enterprises, paid a visit to the construction site of Wankai's PET project. One of the major responsible officers of the project, Mr. Yang Fengchun made a detailed report with the project construction concept, programming thought and progress arrangement.

Wankai PET project, as one of the most important projects of Haijing Trade and Investment Promotion, has been praised and appreciated by Haining government since the launch of its construction in Aug, 2009. In the meeting after the onsite visit, Mr. Shen Linong, the Secretary of Haining Municipal Committee, Mr. Xu (the Mayor) and other leaders from Jianshan District and Maqiao Industrial Zone attended all visitors, and gave a rough introduction of the culture and economic situation of Haining & Jianshan. In the meantime, the leaders affirmed the achievement (high efficiency and high quality job) of Wankai Project, and praised that the project is one paragon of all projects which are under construction in Haining. All attendants expressed their appreciation to Wankai and confidence that Wankai shall be one major force to improve Haining's economic level with strong finance support and rich experience in PET industry, and will be a milestone of Zhink Group's new growth.

The president & chairman of Wankai, Mr. Shen Zhigang, gave his thanks to the care and strong support from the local government leaders and expressed his determination to devote for Haning's economic development. The president gave his thanks also to the guidance and introduction from Jingjiang leaders. He stressed that all these are not only the cares for Wankai project, but also the encouragements for Zhink's growth.

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