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PET consumption has been increasing since its invention, and the application range keeps expanding. In recent years, non-fibre application PET research & development were attached much attention by the governments. As one of key applications, bottle grade PET plays an important role in daily life. It is mainly used in beverage/ food package, and some new areas like pharmaceutical, detergent and cosmetics packages. Beverage and food applications consist of the packages for mineral water, juice, sauce, vinegar, milk, tomato, jam, infant food and etcs.

Relying on state-of-the-art equipments and technology, the PET Wankai makes is characterized by low heavy metal, ash, acetaldehyde content, steady & consistent processability. It can meet the strict requirements from downstream customers.

Brand Type Features Applications Data sheet
WK801 copolymer Low AA, high clarity Drinking water View
WK811 homopolymer High thermal resistance Tea, juice etcs. View
WK821 copolymer Low AA, high clarity Edible oil etcs. View
WK881 copolymer Low AA, high clarity Carbonated soft drink etcs. View
WK851 copolymer Fast reheat Cola etcs View
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